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Our short story

The Company, in its present form, was created by the renewal of the Agency for Accounting from Capljina, the same being registered in 1988.
The modernization of the Agency created a modern society "VELEBOSS" d.o.o. which dates back to 2002 under that name.
The new company enriched the range of licensed services. The Company is engaged in providing services in the field of accounting, financial and tax consulting, and provides services of valuation, bankruptcy, liquidation and court expertise in the economic profession.

The founder and director of the company is Prof.Dr. Zijo Veledar, a long-time professor in the field of Accounting and Auditing.

The vision of the management of the company is based on the principle that successful business is built on the postulates of the family's functioning, that is, the family is the foundation of each society, as well as ours.
The management of the company consists of a highly professional team
qualified people are willing to remain recognizable by quality of service, continuous education, kind relationship and permanent growth of the services we provide, and we will become your choice in the future.

At the same time, we invite you to cooperate in creating new values.



Računovodstvene usluge

Accounting services

Finansijsko i porezno savjetovanje

Financial and tax counseling

Procjena vrijednosti

Value assesment

Likvidacija i stečaj preduzeća

Liquidation and bankruptcy of companies

Vještačenje ekonomske struke

Expertise of Economics


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